Indulge your RPG Retro Idle Gaming Senses with the Super-Fun Dunidle

RPGs have one of the most loyal followings of any gaming genre. That’s why we frequently present games that we like and that you may also love. Today we will speak about the amazing 2D idle RPG Dunidle – Dunidle: Dungeon Crawler & Hunter Idle Boss Heroes.

What it is?

This thrilling and fun idle RPG game developed on Android platform and very soon to be published for iOS offers hours of fun where fantasy and reality join. Players will enjoy the idle incremental RPG grinder gameplay, make their hero train while they’re away, grow and upgrade themselves with beautiful 2D retro pixel graphics, a combination of modern design and classic style with enchanting sounds.

You can collect useful items, fight fierce monsters and dive into a retro roguelike incremental game to complete the quest. Just pick a hero and battle with increasing challenges and spawns that go forever to see how far you can get.

Some other extra features

You can play Dunidle offline anytime you want and get even offline gold, daily play bonuses and multiple diverse achievements. The easy RPG tactic will offer players to be ready to go with just a few taps, tapping their enemies to become the new grinder of the roguelike realm. Players get the chance to explore the depths and crawl through endless random pixel dungeons with an RPG roguelike style with random level generation, tile-based graphics, and permanent death.

The player is able to choose their hero among heroes like a knight, rogue, priest, wizard, barbarian, Templar, paladin, druid and other. Enemies can be attacked at a rapid speed and you need to stand still to shield the group in the battles. Use the healing priest with healing spells for healing your wounds and the skilled rouge with poisonous daggers for damaging opponents.

Multiple weapons and loot equipment for challenging your enemies. Improve your tactics, collect powerful artifacts and complete the quest. Both smartphones and tablets are supported with also the support of cloud save. It is indeed a fun rpg quest and a must try for any idle games lover.