Lenovo Introduces USB-C Portable Monitor for Laptop

Lenovo is offering a portable monitor that’s connected to any laptop with USB-C port. If you mainly use the laptop as a secondary monitor to your desktop computer when at home then a portable monitor can be greatly more efficient. Truly more advantageous as it is lightweight and offers portability. It’s a useful way to add additional display to your laptop. The ThinkVision M14 is a 14-inch display with 1080p resolution and IPS technology. It weighs only 1.3 pounds, which quite light. The M14 is thin and light, because it doesn’t have a battery. The power is provided by the laptop through the USB-C port. It won’t take a lot of power for this kind of monitor. Lenovo is quite successful in ensuring that its USB-C portable monitor isn’t bulky and heavy.

The monitor has a USB-C port on each side, so it will be easier for users to position the monitor, depending on the cable and laptop. It comes with a stand to raise the monitor slightly, so it will be in line with the laptop. This will improve viewing comfort. The ThinkVision M14 will be available for $249 this summer. Portable monitors are not a new thing, but before the introduction of the USB-C, they were not convenient to use.

They needed to use two cords, one for power and another for data. Older portable models were also bulky and heavier. They can be carried around, but can be troublesome. With ThinkVision M14, users can create a dual-monitor setup for their laptop. With peak brightness of about 300 nits, the monitor should provide adequate luminescence and 6ms response, which is quite decent. On the back, there are a couple of mounting holes, so you can attach the monitor at a stand or to the wall. Dual monitor setup is useful if you are watching films with a group of friend. Travelling businesspeople or salespeople could use the monitor for presentation. Clients can hold the portable monitor on their hands, while salespeople explain about products or services.

There’s still no official release date for the United States. However, the monitor is slated for a June release in Europe. It’s likely that sales in the US will start not long after that.