App Review – Ginger-U

Tons of health apps are developed for smartphone users for so many different purposes. When it comes to women that have troubles to keep track of taking their birth control pills, there are health apps that can help them to use the pill effectively. Which health app is the best for women on the pill? To save you time searching for the most efficient app, we looked and we found one amazing health app as a personal assistant for women on the pill.

What is Ginger-U?

Ginger-U is designed for women as a health app that will help you take and use the pill effectively. The health assistant app is quite easy to use and highly intuitive developed for iOS users, offering you your own personal assistant to remind you to take the birth control pills and tells you what to do if you forget to take them. Simply sign up using your email address and enter the needed information so you can keep track and get reminders about the pill, directly on your phone.

Why use Ginger-U?           

This health app offers various features that will make it easier for women to stay on track with their adherence. On this assistant, the women can enter logs in their daily diary by answering the question about their mood, their last intercourse, their symptoms, protection and others. Get information within the pill reminder on the pill you take, its benefits, side effects and more. Make sure you stay on track with your adherence with all needed details for the pill you took, the days you take it or did not take it on time.

 Designed to drive adherence, you will be provided with extensive information to assist you in what do if you have an adherence lapse like missing one or more pills. The personal assistant for birth control pills will engage with you into tracking the side effects, following your cycle and will give you the needed support such as a reminder buddy and/or your doctor. Your refills can be automated and the data can be shared with your provider using this efficient health assistant for women on the pill.

Download this personal assistant for free from the App Store to help you take and use the birth control effectively!

Official Website: Ginger-U