Android Q is Rooted Successfully Before Its Official Release

The Developer Preview of the Android Q hasn’t even been released yet, but the Android Q is already rooted using Magisk, a popular rooting tool. Google is planning to release the new Android version during the I/O event in May, along with new models of Nexus and Pixel. For the sake of security, it is getting more difficult to get root access for Android OS. The Android Q is the planned next instalment of Google’s mobile platform. In the next few weeks, the Developer Preview will be offered to app developers and other professionals in the industry. When rooted, users are able to gain more privilege and they can manipulate Android OS in different ways.

As the next major update, the Android Q will offer various enhancements:

  • Dark Mode: A system-wide dark mode should be useful in various situations. It will apply to various different things, such as launcher, notification shade, settings menu and various other UI elements. It is possible that the dark mode can be enabled manually or it will be enabled automatically depending on the times of the day. Dark mode should reduce glare when used at night and improve the battery life.
  • User-modified app permissions: With this feature, users will gain more control on their apps. As an example, it is not necessary for instant messaging apps to access the microphone, if you never use the voice call feature. By optimizing permissions, users may eke out more battery life and increase security level.
  • Desktop Mode: Desktop Mode has been introduced by Samsung and Huawei with their devices. It’s a potentially useful feature, because you can connect the phone to a bigger display. You may use the feature to watch movies and people with impaired eyesight could see larger objects on the screen better.
  • Better Smart Lock: Smart Lock was first included with Android Lollipop, which will keep the phone locked when not used. The phone can be unlocked automatically, depending on the location or connection with paired device, such as Bluetooth fitness band.