Quiz Pursuit, Give yourself a Real Challenge

Want a real challenge when it comes to a good quiz then Quiz Pursuit might be the right pick. It’s the most stimulating quiz app I have played so far and it’s free. You can literally choose from thousands of topics and millions of topics. According to the developers, there are over 75 million combinations of questions and that’s what makes Quiz Pursuit unique. So answer a question properly and it will never be repeated. You can play the quiz by yourself or invite friends and family to challenge you. No matter what you’re into there will be a topic for you. Answer the questions correctly and the higher you get in levels.

To start playing you will need to sign up with your email and get verified. Once complete you can go straight ahead and play the different quiz. You can play whereby random topics are thrown at you at a time limit or you can search for topics that you want to play. It’s easy to get hooked on the app and you find yourself playing for hours on end.

When you bored or on a long journey on either the train or bus, it’s a great app to make time fly. It’s a great way to increase your general knowledge. The app allows you to practice and brainstorm and keep your brain sharp.


Over 75 million unique questions, with more being added every day

Thousands of topics to choose from

Three unique gameplay modes – Free Play, Levels, and Challenge

Rewards for logging in daily

Earn nuggets for advancing levels in the level mode

Use nuggets to challenge friends, place bets, and showcase your trivia knowledge

Glitch-free trivia game experience, without any wait time

Forever free gaming with no hidden charges

Vast knowledge base with questions on little-known facts and valuable trivia

Quiz Pursuit is free to play but does include ads. It’s great that the ads are not intrusive, so you can play through a whole topic without worrying about any ads popping up. The app isn’t only for entertainment but it’s also supposed to be educational. There are questions that I have never seen but will remember for next time. It’s time you get on with downloading the app to test your knowledge. Quiz Pursuit is available for both Google Play and App Store.