Grow – Powerful Psychometric Habit Builder

Every day our lives are governed by habit. These habits are little routines and small ways of doing things. However, sometimes it can be quite hard to build strong healthy habits to reach your goals much easier and faster. Nowadays, there are many apps developed to help you build habits, increasing your productivity and motivation. To help with the search, we looked and we found one amazing productivity app for this purpose – Grow.

What is Grow?

Grow is an amazing productivity app that is developed for iOS users, designed by a psychologist as a product of PhD research. The habit builder and tracker will increase your motivation, productivity, and persistence, helping you to achieve long-term goals. Very easy to use and quite efficient, with a clean user-friendly interface, this is the only psychometric habit building app that helps you build any solid individual habit, tracking and showing your progress.

Why do we love to Grow?

This is a psychometric habit building app that will define your habits by guiding you through an optimized habit definition process, it will measure them by asking you questions about your habit after each repetition with its psychometric measurement and will give you feedback by showing you stats on how psychologically strong your habit has become. Also, the app can optimize and analyze the stats to show you the week spots in your habit and how to optimize them.

The app works best for habits that are can be done in 3-60 minutes like building study habits, learning languages, writing, making money, working, practicing, fitness – whatever you want to achieve, you can build a habit around that. The statistics within the app will show you how strong your habit has become, how resistant is against the motivation attacks, how complete and clean your habit repetitions are on average, how stable is the environment for performance, how useful and important is your habit to yourself, and also will show you how far you have already progressed as well for your flow and self-efficiency. You can choose between a monthly, 6 months or 12 months subscription.

Download the app for free now from the App Store to build solid individual habits to get the desired results!

Official Website: Grow