Solutions to Samsung Galaxy S10 Problems

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a piece of technological marvel. All three variants of Galaxy S10 have the greatest and latest hardware currently available for Android devices. But, here are a few issues that you will encounter and ways to fix them:

Battery Drain

For most people, the 3400mAh battery of the Galaxy S10 is pretty decent and it should be enough for moderate usage. However, some people find that their battery is draining quite quickly.


  • Uninstall third-party programs that run in the background
  • Go to Settings> Device Care> Battery> Battery Usage and check which apps that use up too much battery. Uninstall if you don’t need them.
  • Disable Lift to Wake feature. Go to Settings> Advanced features> Motions and gestures> Disable Lift to Wake.
  • Perform factory reset. Go to Settings> General management> Reset> Factory data reset.

Wifi Disconnectivity

Many users reported wifi disconnectivity in S10. If you are one of them, perform the below step to fix the issue.

  1. Restart your mobile. In most cases, mobile restart solves the issue. If you are still facing the same issue, perform the 2nd step.
  2. Confirm wifi is working, First restart your router, if router restart does not solve the issue, you should check your internet speed now. You should conduct series of speed test to ensure that you are getting the same speed as your ISP promised. If it lowers then your current broadband package, contact to your ISP provider. The issue is with your ISP, not your mobile. Doing a speed test is important and sometimes the best way to get a solution.

3, Other things you can do to solve the issue are factory reset, Check for bad Apps, Install updates, and Reset network setting.

Accidental touch

All newer smartphone models have a feature to prevent accidental touch, especially if you put the phone in a backpack or pocket. However, some Galaxy S10 users claim that their device registers touch input and dial random numbers when placed in the pocket.


  • Disable Lift to Wake feature. Go to Settings> Advanced features> Motions and gestures> Disable Lift to Wake.
  • Check whether accidental touch protection is enabled. Go to Settings> Display and enable accidental touch protection
  • Disable touch sensitivity. Go to Settings> Display and disable touch sensitivity

Edge lighting is inconsistent

Some users have reported that Edge lighting works only on certain apps, but not on others.


  • Make sure that Edge Lighting is enabled. Go to Settings> Display> Edge. Check whether it’s enabled.
  • Go to Options> Manage Notifications. A list of installed apps will be displayed and choose apps that you want to integrate with Edge Lighting feature.

Excessive brightness

The Dynamic AMOLED display of the Galaxy S10 is designed to be exceptionally bright, especially under the direct sunlight. However, users find that the brightness isn’t low enough in very dark locations. This isn’t really a major issue, so the fix for it may come a bit later from Samsung.


  • Enable Night Mode at dark areas
  • Enable blue light filter to prevent the emission of blue light. The yellowish tinge will make the display more comfortable to use in dark locations.

Fingerprint sensor doesn’t work

The Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus use the cutting edge ultrasonic fingerprint, which is more secure than the current optical-based sensor. However, because the technology isn’t yet fully mature, some users complain that it doesn’t always work.


  • Check whether the tempered glass that you apply recently is causing the problem. Remove if necessary.
  • Delete currently registered fingerprints and re-register