Game Review – Weave.DPL

Arcade games become quite popular in recent years. For those who enjoy arcade games on their phones to test their reflexes, there are many of them to choose from but not many offer the challenges and the fun you are looking for in a game. Because it can be hard to find the best arcade, we decided to help with the search. We looked and we found one amazing arcade game where you need to react fast and precise to get the ball to the end of the maze.

What is Weave.DPL?

If you like playing arcade games on your smartphone then this fun and exciting arcade game developed for iOS users will get you addicted to playing fast. The game is easy to play and yet quite challenging, offering you amazing sharp graphics and cool sound effects. All you need to do to start the arcade maze game is to swipe to start the ball, weaving the ball through the while blocks and avoid all the other colors. Your ultimate task in the game is to try and get the ball out of the maze.

How to play this arcade game?

This game with its features and fast-paced gameplay with get you hooked to playing on your first try. Just weave the ball through the white blocks while avoiding the other colors on your way that try to end the game for you. Your skills in the game will be tested with a variety of levels and each next level is harder than the one before. If a level in the ball maze game is too challenging for you, you are able to select any other level of your choice using the game’s menu.

React fast and challenge yourself, carefully weaving the ball through the white blocks. When you crush into the blocks of other colors you will lose the level. More blocks are put on your way as you progress making it more challenging to complete the level. All DPL logos in the arcade game are safe and more than that, some of them will give you bonus actions that can help you get to then of the level faster. Get the ball safely to the end of the maze!

Download the game on the App Store now for free to test your skills and get the ball out of the maze safe!

Official Website: Weave.DPL