How to Write an Effective Product Review for Affiliate Marketing Website?

Whenever a buyer is looking to purchase a new product, the first thing that crosses their mind is the price. The more the price tag or the more the benefit of the product, the more intensely you attempt to search for evidences that prove your choice is right. A solid evidence of the product quality is what you seek to feel confident about the purchase. From electronics, cosmetics, or books, to food or kitchenware it can be anything.

So, as a blogger when you are writing product reviews for your affiliate marketing website, you must remember the buyer behaviour as discussed above and accordingly create content. Many bloggers emphasize more on the downsides of a product and neglect the upsides, while there are others who just don’t provide enough information about the product leaving the audience confused and in the dark. Therefore, you must create good content that’s relevant and illustrates the pros and cons equally.

As an affiliate marketing blogger whose inclination is towards product reviews, you should also have the necessary tools to keep a check on the clicks and the conversions. It’s important to know how profitable is your product review and if it’s actually selling. A powerful affiliate tracking system like LeadDyno not only gets you connected to the pool of affiliates who can sell your product on your behalf, but also allows you to check the sales numbers and the commissions in real-time.

So, now that you have the right tools to move ahead you must know how to write an effective product review for your affiliate website that can help you make money.

What does writing review get you?

  • Financial benefits – Writing a product review for an affiliate website can earn you added money.
  • Building reputation – Reviewing products on a regular basis can help you earn that reputation where people will rely on your opinion when played in the right manner.
  • Flexibility – As a sovereign reviewer and as a marketer you have the flexibility to decide your product for review, recommend, and the matter to write.
  • Web traffic – a good content can get you the web traffic via organic search helping you get the top rank in the search engines with correctly chosen keywords.

Being an independent product reviewer has its own pros and cons. So, how to create that perfect content?

  1. Try the product first

It’s always a better idea to get your hands on the product that you want to review. You must try the product to understand how good or bad is it. For instance, if you want to review night cream for oily skin, you can apply it for a week and then you would know whether it really controlled the oil, how moisturizing it was, etc. You would also know its downsides. You can approach the manufacturers and either you buy the product or request them for access. The marketing representatives may give you access to the product if he is happy with your pitch at least till the you are reviewing it.

  1. Register for an affiliate program

The best way to monetize your blog is by joining an affiliate marketing program. Make sure that you associate with a famous and trusted name like, Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, Clickbank, etc. You will earn handsome commissions from the sales generated via your product review. You have the freedom to choose from the options that is, whether you want to earn fixed commissions or recurring on each sale referred by you.

The best way to keep track of your commissions would be to partner with a reputed affiliate tracking system like LeadDyno that allows you to view your conversions and commissions in real-time via mobile phone dashboard and the app.

  1. Know more about your products

Before writing a product review for an affiliate site it’s crucial to get to know more about the product you have chosen. You definitely do not want to end up writing about soups when you should be writing for a soup recipe book, would you?

Do your research and learn more about the product which will give you insights on the pros and cons of the product. Get to know about the brand and the product in depth. You must also research on its competitors and the industry on the whole before you are ready to write a review.

  1. Honesty is the key

The key to an effective product review to be honest about the product. Don’t forget these pointers:

  • If you are not honest, people will be quick to identify that and make a fuss out of it in no time.
  • It’s important to write a balanced review weighing the pros and cons that will help you to review the product from the buyer’s perspective. Avoid writing a content that looks more like an advertisement of the product that has no flaws.
  • As you earn the trust of your readers with an honest review, you will earn the credibility and authority. This will make the readers loyal and they will keep revisiting your website and generate sales.


  1. Face the competitors

Make sure that your content also compares the product with other competitors in the market giving the readers a clear view of the entire category. Product comparisons are an essential for every effective review. This will help the readers to choose from a range of options and make them feel more confident about purchasing the suggested product. Bonus, you will earn credibility for being honest that “Yes, even this product is equally good”.

  1. Get feedback and set the discussion on

Asking for feedback whenever you post an article and start a discussion. This will allow the readers to speak what they really feel about the product by creating a community for discussion. This will also help you to get user reviews that’s a powerful strategy to get user-generated content.

Product reviews are one of the best ways to make money out of your blog and for that you must partner with a credible affiliate marketing program. You can then keep a watch on the conversion numbers and the commissions using a powerful affiliate tracking system and voila! There’s no stopping you from becoming the best affiliate marketing blogger.