Pannazz Routing Is a Great New Tool for Real Estate Agents and Potential Real Estate Buyers

Routing and optimizing real estate tours while doing property search and showing real estate to public is a challenging task for both the real estate agent and the potential real estate buyer. Pannazz Routing introduces a new mobile and web app that will change this and improve the whole routing experience.

Optimized Routing

Once real estate agents sign up and start using the app, they can easily rout (even with voice directions) and optimize their broker tour, buyer tour, open house tour and seller tools in minutes. This is sure to make them more productive, organized and focused on their buyers, selling points and confidence.

When a route is optimized within Pannazz Routing, it gives other handy features to the user. For example agents can print, share and save the property search and then get directions to the house with one click via Google Maps.

The best part is that the app allows for the public to search properties and also rout and optimize the open houses. The optimized routing can be shared with a family member or their agent for free!

At the end of the day, this handy tool is practical for both the agents and potential buyers. You can sign up and check it out for free. It can be a serious foundation to grow your performance as a real estate agent.