Samsung Galaxy Note 10 May Have Surprising Design and Features

Samsung may release the Galaxy Note 10 later this year and the oversized flagship could come with a surprise feature. The Bell, a South Korean media outlet reported recently that the Galaxy Note 10 will be a radically new model, which will join the current Galaxy Note 9. Supply sources revealed that Samsung may change its phablet lineup relatively soon. The smaller Galaxy S10e proves to be fairly successful and Samsung may follow up on that. There’s a prediction that Samsung will adopt a similar strategy and release the Galaxy Note 10e with more compact screen and probably less powerful hardware specs.

Samsung may also do the opposite by releasing an even bigger model, probably called as Galaxy Note 10+. We heard previous rumors that they Galaxy Note 10 could have quad HD resolution and it may have 6.7-inch display size. This certainly pushes the boundary in the phablet category, because 7-inch is already a common form factor for tablets. Samsung may also add 5G support for its Galaxy Note 10, which is a meaningful update these days. It is likely that the Galaxy Note 10 will make an apperance this year in August in the Galaxy Unpacked Event. This is a realistic prediction, considering Samsung’s previous product launch patterns.

Whatever the case, you may expect that the Galaxy Note 10 will carry a quite hefty price tag, because it will be another powerhouse in Samsung’s expansive devices lineup. If these rumors pan out to be fairly accurate, the Note 10 will be a worthy update. The existing Galaxy S10 variants, such as Galaxy S10+, Galaxy 10e and the regular Galaxy S10 are enjoying good success in the market. The premium Galaxy Fold should hit the shelves later this April. This leaves the next iteration of Galaxy Note family as the upcoming flagship device for release later this year.