Avibra App Review

Think of a good habit that you’ve been trying to start up recently. Do you need to drink more water? Are you trying to put more money into savings every paycheck? These types of habits can be difficult to start, especially if you never have an immediate payoff. That’s what Avibra is here to help with.

The Avibra app launched with some big ideas about how to change up life for everyday people. It rewards people for their good habits with free life insurance coverage.

But how does that work, exactly? Avibra is based around an advanced data crunching system that looks at what you buy and do in a day, offering you rewards when you’ve done something that contributes to a life well-lived. All you have to do to get started is link up your accounts  – like health trackers and daily purchase history – to the app. After that, you’ll let Avibra do the work, checking in once a week (on their Well-being Wednesday) to get the chance to turn your good habits into real life insurance coverage.

What Is Avibra?

Starting in 2019, the app has been providing well-being advice as well as life insurance protection to its users. The insurance plans are at no cost to users of the app and are backed by big insurance giants with an A “Excellent” rating by A.M. Best, an external independent oversight entity. Plus, your coverage is guaranteed and non-conditional, meaning no one is going to deny you coverage based on your health.

The app’s unique approach to benefitting everyday people is focused on rolling together your habits and goals with your life insurance. All you have to do is download the app and in a matter of minutes you can have between $5,000 – 10,000 in coverage – adding to it weekly with your good habits.

How Avibra Works

The Avibra app offers two main ways for people to improve their well-being and earn life insurance.

The first is the in-app activities. These are things like quizzes, short educational videos & guided meditation series. When you complete one of them to work toward better habits, Avibra gives you a bump in your life insurance coverage.

The second way to earn is simply with your good everyday habits. Arya, Avibra’s advanced AI helper, assists by identifying those good habits for you and rewarding you with those regular bumps in free life insurance coverage.

Sign-Up Process

When you sign up for Avibra, you get to choose between two membership options, Avibra Free & Avibra Basic.

The Avibra Free plan offers a basic life insurance policy with room to grow based on your daily habits. Keep in mind that this perk is currently only available to people 18-38 years of age, and that the cap on the policy is limited.

At $3.99 per month, the Avibra Basic Plan adds onto that with awesome financial planning tools and advice as well as dietician-approved meal plans, lifestyle advice and access to a health coach.

There’s no purchase required to download the Avibra app or to get access to those life insurance perks we talked about. You only have to follow a healthy and positive lifestyle, and you get to watch your insurance coverage grow with time.

Final Thoughts

Avibra is really changing how life insurance, and healthy living, work for the average American. They’re offering access to protection for loved ones, and they’re doing it all while encouraging and helping people to live a happy life.