Lenovo Gets New Patent for Vertically Folded Smartphone

Lenovo patented the vertical fold technology back in September 2018, which will be used for its future foldable device. To some extent, the patented design resembles the new Motorola RAZR model with its secondary screen. On the back, there’s a big hinge and users can choose the flex point, so the phone can fold halfway or almost fully. The patent drawings show that the bezels are big enough to accommodate the earpiece and front-facing camera. However, it appears that the phone has only a lens on the back, but this could change with the actual production model.

Among device manufacturers, foldable form factors are currently all the rage. New foldable models have been revealed from the likes of Huawei and Samsung. Plenty of other device manufacturers are planning to introduce their foldable smartphones as well. We have seen leaked designs, from Oppo and Xiaomi. Motorola is a subsidiary of Lenovo and it’s understandable if future Lenovo phones include some RAZR-inspired design elements. It appears that Lenovo has preferences towards clamshell designs. In reality, this isn’t Lenovo’s first attempt in foldable technology. Back in 2016, they showed a tablet-sized prototype with foldable design. There’s a good possibility that Motorola will release a foldable smartphone, before Lenovo’s foldable model sees the light of the day.

We first heard much discussion about flexible smartphone in 2015 when smartphones with curved edges appeared. Organic LEDs were the key technology for these device models. This display technology is consisted of flexible tiny diodes that manufacturers could mount on many types of surfaces. As the foldable technology becomes more mature and affordable, there’s a good chance that it will be available for mid-range or even affordable models. At the moment, early foldable smartphones are niche products suitable for tech junkies, early adopters and people with deeper pocket. If people find this technology useful and practical, it could develop further and become cheaper.