6 Apps to Safeguard Personal Data on Your iPhone

People store a lot of personal and sensitive information on their iPhones, such as photos and contacts. That is why it is important to safeguard phones against hackers and theft. The market is flooded with security apps that are specifically built for iOS.

The purposes of these security apps vary. Some help users store passwords securely. Others help keep important files and media secure, using a variety of industry-leading methods. This article will list some of the most popular apps on the market today and why they should be considered for keeping data safe and secure.

SurfShark VPN

SurfShark iPhone VPN offers many features that will keep users safe and secure while they browse the Internet. Their private DNS prevents potential breaches or leaks that can allow a cyber criminal access to a user’s device. Hidden IPs and the Camouflage Mode ensure the ultimate privacy while online.

They use modern ciphers and industry-leading methods to encrypt traffic. If the VPN connection drops, the Kill Switch automatically disables the Internet connection to protect sensitive data. CleanWeb™ blocks annoying ads, trackers and malware, as well as phishing attempts.

Whitelister allows users to list sites that they feel are safe to use. Since this feature works great with mobile banking apps, users can use SurfShark VPN to conduct their online banking with confidence.

This app allows multiple devices to connect simultaneously. That makes SurfShark a great option to consider for family use. Other features include MultiHop™, NoBorders™. These features not only mask the user’s footprint, but provides access to multiple countries at once, even in the restrictive regions.

SurfShark VPN offers three subscription plans that include monthly, yearly or 2-year plans.


Lookout is an all-in-one iOS app that protects your device from identity theft and other malicious activity that can compromise a user’s device and personal data. This company offers a three-tier service plan that will suit any budget.

Service Plans

 Basic: Notifies users to update their iOS software. Other features include theft alerts, missing device, Locate & Scream and Signal Flare
 Premium: Basic plan features, plus safe browsing and Wi-Fi features and breach reports
 Premium Plus: Basic and Premium plan features, plus identity theft protection, SSN Watch, social media watch, 24/7 identity restoration and insurance, lost wallet recovery and $1M identity theft insurance that covers damages and legal fees with no deductible

Users can use the Basic system for free. The Premium costs $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year. Premium Plus costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security is a subscription-based app that offers powerful security features for the iPhone and iPad. It employs predictive threat techniques that protect against hacking, phishing, malware and other undesirable activities. Features include:

 Wi-Fi Security
 Web Protection
 Device Security

The Wi-Fi Security alerts users when they try to use unsecure networks, which can put their device at risk for cyber crime activities. Web Protection detects and safeguards users from navigation to malicious and fraudulent websites while using their browser, text messaging systems, email and social media sites. Device Security tells the user when their operating system is out of date.

Norton offers a yearly subscription plan of $29.99, although users can take advantage of their periodic sales.

Note Lock

Note Lock is a free iOS app that will keep confidential notes secure against hackers and prying eyes. Users can set up a passcode or a pattern lock to prevent their notes from getting stolen. It also offers a double account that allows a user to set one as a decoy.

Its surveillance system allows three access attempts before the anti-intruder system captures a photo of the intruder. A self-destruction feature automatically erases all of the data after five wrong access attempts.

Note Lock comes with pencil and eraser animation that simulates traditional writing. Users can choose between 16 themes and more than 300 fonts to personalize their interface exactly the way they want it to look. They can also add photos, which can be resized or repositioned inside the note.

Users also have the ability to share their notes via email. They can also save their files in PDF format.

Its new Search system makes it easy to retrieve new or old notes.


mSecure offers a secure and straightforward way to store, share and manage passwords and sensitive information. It utilizes AES-256 encryption to keep data secure at all times. Seamless synching provides users with instant access to their data and passwords wherever they are.

The most secure passwords are ones that can’t easily be remembered. mSecure generates random, complex and unique passwords for every site a user frequents. Even better, the app allows users to automatically log into the websites, saving them time and aggravation of remembering the correct password. They can also store new login credentials while using their iPhone.

Flexible data templates, intelligent sorting, filtering, integrated search and grouping allow users to find their information quickly. Its incredibly simple user interface makes it ideal for newbies and experienced users.

New users can download the app for free to test it out before they pay the one-time fee of $29.99.


LogDog offers many features that keep iPhones secure against identity theft, stolen data and hacking. It features unique cyber technology that “learns” a user’s online activity patterns and creates a personalized cyber profile specifically for that user.

A user can upgrade his security level by adding safe locations like “Work” and “Home.” The app constantly scans and monitors login location and times, the number of messages sent and received, plus other parameters. It will alert the user to any unusual activity that can indicate a breach or a hack.

LogDog offers an auto-renewable monthly or yearly subscription plan, which users can cancel at any time.


We have provided six options that will help keep iPhones safe while using the internet. While they offer varying features, they all have one thing in common–security. Users will find that they are cost effective and compatible with both the iPhone and iPad.