Kingdom Of Stone Age is a Thrilling Tower Defense That is Sure To Impress

Looking for new strategy tower defense games? Well, you must try the game we will talk about today – Kingdom of Stone Age. This little gem impresses with the pace, quality of graphics and overall the very fun gameplay. It’s not like the usual td games, where very fast you get bored!

The story

First of all we really loved that the game is available in 14 languages. Stories, missions, equipping and other parameters in the tower defense games are most likely to be available in your native language, besides English.

When you open the game, everything starts fast. You are welcomed by a lord of the last standing city. You need to help him defend his city from the wave of attacking enemies. Once you do that with the last squad of soldiers, you need to grow the city and build your own empire.

The moment you fully defend your city, other cities will ask for your help and offer money for their freedom. By freeing cities, you will earn money to build your own empire and kingdom. Along the way you may equip your soldiers with skills and weapons, but also your towers.

How to play

Choose your soldiers and go to battle. Send more soldiers into the fight (if needed). Use any available additional weapons. Try to survive and win. Make sure your defensive wall does not break in the onslaught of enemies.

This TD quest is super challenging and also features exquisite graphics and sound effects. If you are ready to try a new td challenge, you can get it now for free. Currently available for android only.