SYPWAI platform by TheNeurosphere is already available for users

SYPWAI platform by TheNeurosphere was launched successfully

TheNeurosphere announced that the platform has been launched and actively works. It is an innovative product that has caught the attention of many users.

Previously, there was information on the Internet that TheNeurosphere is actively developing its own platform called SYPWAI. Testing of the new product began in March 2019. The main task of the platform was the decentralized training of neural networks. According to the developers, in the nearest future, anyone will have the opportunity to join those who want to test their strengths in the scientific field of artificial intelligence. The platform will become a place that will unite amateurs and scientists from all over the world. This was done to contribute to the achievement of a common goal – the development of artificial intelligence.

Abdigani Diriye, who serves as general manager of SYPWAI, says that testing of the product has been going on for several months non-publicly.

TheNeurosphere has always been referred to as an expert in computer-aided learning, in particular for the use of networks for commercial purposes. Thanks to the launch of the platform, it will be possible to achieve a deep introduction of artificial intelligence into the everyday life of every person.

Benefits for users

The new platform will be able to cope with tasks of medium complexity, which will be aimed at training neural networks. There is a monetary reward for this. At the same time, the assets are insured and stored in a “cold wallet”. Initially, customers will choose ETH with US dollars and BTC with the same currency. But in the nearest future, according to TheNeurosphere, other currencies will be introduced, which are especially popular among customers.

The SYPWAI platform will be anonymous with respect to customers. The only exception – the user personally decides to share his achievements. The point is that customer data will not be shared with third parties or market makers. But at the same time, to work on the platform, you will have to go through identification procedures. All users are looking forward to the early launching of SYPWAI platform to try their hand at science.

We would like to remind you that in 2018 TheNeurosphere became the owner of a grant, which, possibly, contributed to the accelerated development of the SYPWAI platform.