Daily App Recommendation – Searchmoji

In a world where so much of our messaging with our friends & family is done through texting, words often fall flat. Sometimes you need to show you’re only kidding, you really like someone, or just give a quick approval, but stay cool. There may be those times when your response can only be suitably communicated with the face of cute cat looking shocked. That’s why we have emojis. Today we will speak about one of the very best emoji keyboard apps for iOS – Searchmoji.

What is Searchmoji?

This iPhone emoji keyboard app features variety of cool emojis available for you through simple keyword search. So, instead of browsing through endless emojis, it saves time by enabling you to search emojis by specific word like “cat” “laughing” “playing soccer” etc. In that way you will find context emojis faster and more productively.

Works offline & it’s multi-lingual

What we really loved about Searchmoji is that it doesn’t require 3rd party access like the similar emoji keyboards out there. On top of that it works perfectly even when you are offline. Additionally, you may use it in 5 different languages (English, Italian, German, French and Spanish).

For the ones that want deeper customization, you can customize the haptic feedback and the color tone. These customization features, along with the neat features and vast emoji selection make Searchmoji a must for your daily community. Try It for free on the App Store.