Discover Yourself with the Love4style App

If you are fashionista trying to keep up with the trends and you love trying out new looks, then you should know about the apps that can make this experience more fun for you. Virtual try-on apps can help you try new looks like hairstyles and eyewear, discovering what suits you the most. To make the search easier for you, we looked and we found one incredible entertainment app that offers all the features you need to discover your new look.

What is Love4style?

Love4style is a native entertainment app dedicated to the definite fashionistas who want to create new cool looks with great hairstyles, wonderful glasses or sultry sunglasses. Developed for iOS users, easy to use and fun, this app via artistic layouts offers a virtual try-on tool and a collection of latest trends of hairstyles and eyewear styles.

Why use Love4style?

This virtual try-on tool offers a collection of the latest trends of hairstyles and eyewear styles along with its instant sharing capability. With a custom feature, it also offers businesses an opportunity to enhance their customer engagement and show their products.

Hairstyles & eyewear

On this app, you will find to try hairstyles for women and men, hair coloring, eyeglasses for women and men, eyeglasses and sunglasses with flexible filters too. The great thing is that besides the large selection of eyeglasses and hairstyles, users can use the app to try both eyewear and hairstyles.

Share the looks you try on social media like Facebook and Twitter and use the amazing flexible styling tools to edit and unlock the styles. Multiple filters will allow you to separate or create different combinations with a fun and friendly interaction like styling using fingers as an alternative option. You will have the capability to save, review and adjust your favorite looks. Availability of models for you is offered to try to be familiar with the app functionalities.

Handy for businesses

For businesses, this app is offering an efficient way to connect, to build your brand awareness and enhance their customer engagement. They can use the app to present their fashion products and get more leads by simply enabling potential customers a cool virtual try-on.

Download the app for free on the App Store now to create new cool looks with great hairstyles and glasses!