Zoomly for Instagram is an Efficient Stories, Photos & Videos Downloader for Instagram

For all of you avid Instagram users and social media fans, today we have a neat tool that will give you great control over the content you want to download for Instagram. We all have that crush, role model, star, idol on Instagram that we want to keep stories, photos and videos from, and the app we’ll present today – Zoomly, does exactly that.

Easy process – no sign up needed

There is a good number of Instagram content download apps out there. However, they are mostly complicated, slow and some of them are not working. Zoomly is definitely one of the best, as it doesn’t require Instagram sign up / sign in, and has a simple process of finding the content and downloading it.

All you need to do after you install the app is to search the username, and pick from their content. Then the app will keep the respective profile photos, videos, stories in a separate folder from where you can use it for your own purposes.

One of the best things related to zoomly is that it keeps the media in its original quality. We also liked how you can zoom in the Instagram profile pictures, a feature that the original Instagram app does not have. And remember, you do that anonymously, which is also handy when you want to decide whether you want or don’t want to follow someone.

All in all, the app is fast, well optimized and does its intended purpose. So, if you ever need an Instagram media downloader app, Zoomly is definitely one of the best out there.