Five Things You Should Know Before Buying Samsung Galaxy Fold

Early adopters are always eager to try the latest and most unique devices in the market. Fold devices are something that we previously saw in sci-fi movies and now, it’s a real device. Since the official announcement, we have learned a bit more about the Fold. If you are planning to get a Galaxy Fold, here are things that you should know:

  1. You need both hands: While most smartphones are being optimized for smoother one-hand experience, it takes both hands to operate the Fold. It starts by opening the phone with your hands and then, you will use the Fold like a small tablet. Thankfully, the Galaxy snaps tightly and you can close it with less effort. The hinge mechanism also feels reliable and sturdy.
  2. Accidental activation of Bixby: The fingerprint scanner of Galaxy Fold also works as Bixby button. When opening the phone, you will accidentally touch it a few times. If this becomes a problem, you can remap the Bixby button in the settings interface.
  3. Two batteries: With one battery in each side, you will get a total of 4,380mAh of battery capacity. Because the Galaxy Fold has a large, high resolution display and powerful internal hardware, we need to see whether it correlates to longer battery life.
  4. There’s a crease: Marketing images and videos show that the Fold has no crease at all. In reality, the gutter is very noticeable. It’s there, you can touch and feel it. However, it won’t disrupt your viewing experience. If you are expecting a perfect folding device, you need adjust your expectation.
  5. It’s heavy: The Galaxy Fold isn’t only bulky, it’s also heavy. At 272 grams or nearly ten ounces, it’s heavier than iPhone XS Max at 208 grams and Galaxy S10+ at 175 grams. That’s understandable, because the Galaxy Fold is essentially two smartphones made as one. It means that the Fold may not fit in tighter pockets.