DapIt, An App That Allows Anyone to Easily Buy and Sell Gift Cards

Buying a gift card I find is the easy way out when it comes to getting family and friends presents for birthday, Christmas or special occasions. Okay, yes I don’t use my imagination and yes it might not be thoughtful but it’s a way of receiving money so they can purchase just what they want. I remember when I used to spend a lot of time purchasing something for a family member only for them to say they don’t like it. That’s when I decided gift cards are the best option, I simply find out what their favourite store is and get a card from there. It’s become a way lot easier for me, now I can sit at home and purchase gift cards with the nifty app DapIt.

Available to download on both Google Play and iOS DapIt has changed the way I purchase gift cards for good. Can you imagine the number of gift cards you keep in your wallet, some with even just a few dollars remaining on them? With DapIt you can keep as many gift cards as you like in a virtual wallet on your phone. For small business owners, the app allows them to have more direct contact with customers and a great way to process gift cards.

Gift cards are generally made from plastic, so the less we purchase the better it is for the environment. The developers of DapIt probably didn’t realise that they are inadvertently saving the planet just by developing the app. Just think every time you use the app to purchase a gift card that’s potentially one marine life you’ve saved.

The days of wasting your time going to your local store to purchase a gift card are well and truly over. There is an extensive list of small and large businesses that you can browse through, purchase a gift card and send it to your family or friend in seconds. You can send it via text or email from just about anywhere in the world.

Small businesses can benefit a lot with easy sign-up, never run out of gift cards, easy contact with customers, easily keeping track of cards and much more.

DapIt is available on Google Play and iOS for free. You can get more information from their website. If you are a small business owner it might be worth signing up so you can offer your customers more and get more exposure for your business.