Social Manager – Always Stay on Track with the Status of Your Project

Tons of productivity apps are constantly being developed for many different purposes. This type of app can be quite practical and helpful, making the user’s daily life a lot easier. When it comes to managing your social groups and keeping up with everything that happens in them, there are apps to help you with that too. We looked and we found one amazing productivity app that you can use to sync your groups and keep track of everything that happens in your projects.

What is Social Manager?

Social Manager is an incredibly efficient and practical productivity app designed as a social manager and it’s developed for iOS users. The app is quite simple to use and very user-friendly, offering users a new concept in actions and missions management application. The app keeps all your groups in perfect sync so you always know the status of everything in the project. With this app you will always be on track with your project’s status in real time, never missing anything important.

Why use Social Manager?

This productivity app with its features offered will help you to keep all your groups in perfect sync so you always know the status of everything in the project. Projects from small to big can be shared and updated with the app. Starting with your grocery list, you can add your family members to the group and everyone will know in real time what is needed, and what has been bought.

Also, the app allows you scaling into a full-size work project that you can add sub-contractors, individuals and full teams to plan out the week for everyone in the group, get notified when a job is done, and when it has been postponed. Know everything the minute it happens. The Social Manager offers a premium plan so you can plan and open projects, update calendars, add weeks, input notes and logs and many more. If your plan will expire, the data in the projects won’t get erased but you will not be able to edit many of the properties offered in the premium plan.

Download the app for free on the App Store now to keep all your groups in perfect sync and track projects!