Track Your Daily Mood with Moody

While most doctors recommend writing your thoughts on a piece of paper if you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder or anxiety, but only if papers were limitless. So, if you prefer to use an app over pen and paper, well, then there are many mental health apps designed for this purpose. To make it easier for you, we looked and we found one amazing mental health app for you to change and better your mood and the way you think and feel.

What is Moody?

Moody is an incredible mental health app which is designed as a mood journal that is super simple to use and yet highly practical and effective, helping users to change their mood and the way they feel and act. The app is developed for iOS users and it offers various amazing features that will help the users to change their thoughts and restructure how they feel. The app helps users to pinpoint the nature of their bad mood and then gives them insight on how to change it.

Why do we love Moody?

The app records how you are currently feeling and how you plan to improve those feelings by setting simple concrete goals that you can apply on a daily basis. With the app you will be able to track your progress and reminders will be sent to you, helping you to make sure that the goals you’ve set are met. Using this mood journal you will be able to learn how to turn off that critical internal voice, change your mood by changing the way you think and improve the way you feel by changing the way you act. Super simple journaling, just two taps and you are done.

Also, add photos and make your posts as long as you like. Automatic syncing across iPhone and iPad is offered as well integration with IOS Health App so you can make connections to your physical health, sleep patterns, and general daily events. Mood provides insight around your mood variations and takes the following physical data into consideration when analyzing your mood trajectory: sleep, exercise, meditation practice, medication. Your information and data never leaves the device and is protected with a personal passcode.

Download the app for free on the App Store to restructure the way you are feeling to change your mood!