Get Notified of Friends and Family Nearby With Yoke

You never want to miss out on catching up with friends that are nearby your location. Face to face encounters is always a special one, regardless of seeing the same friend 2 days in a row or 2 months ago. With Yoke, you’re certain not to miss out on those encounters. The app notifies you when someone you know is close by. That way you can make the decision to give them a ping using the app’s messaging features, somewhat like a spur of the moment contact.

You can create circles for just about every group of friends, from work colleagues to gym buddies to college friends. Yoke allows you to set up a profile, manage all your circles and choose the radius in which you want to be notified. The app uses your Facebook or phone contacts and you can even search for a name in the Yoke database if they are not already using Yoke you can easily invite them. You have full control of your visibility and you can toggle circles and individuals on or off. You are also never visible to anyone you don’t want to see and both users must have their visibility settings overlaps. Because privacy is paramount, the app never shows a user’s precise location.

Yoke is a great way to keep your social network alive but you won’t be glued to your phone because once you navigate to your friend’s location, the old fashion face to face conversation can begin.

Yoke allows you to catch up with friends but if you’re not in the mode to chat then you can also avoid the people nearby. The app is free to download on the App Store.