Learn Loads of New Skills with Skills Co.

There are millions of people who have full experience of a lot of different things that you might want help with. From how to sell online to beauty tips. Generally, when you search on places such as Youtube for tips you aren’t really bothered about the educational level of that person but more like the skill set. If you know someone has some kind of experience in the category you are searching then that’s enough.

It’s now become much easier to learn a new skill from people with experience. The Skill Co app contains over 480+ categories that you can browse and find the right person with the right experience to teach you. The app contains courses that are put into individual videos which makes it easier for users to learn. This also allows you to go through the courses at your pace. You can also save your progress and pick-up at a later time.

Skills Co. is a great app for professionals looking to make extra money and helping people. If you already have how-to videos online then you can use the Skills Co app to generate some cash. Skills Co has put together an article on how to get paid on Youtube here. The app is a complement of the Skills Co. website and makes it easier to do things from your phone. The app gives you a good payout and if you create videos you get to keep 90% of the payment. You will have to pay a $10 monthly fee for using the platform and Skill Co also takes a fee for every transaction you do with them.

The app is easy to use. Even though it’s free to download, you will have to pay fees using and processing on the platform. What the CEO of the app says, “We want to help people and spread knowledge. “Every day, millions of dollars remain untapped – money that people around the world will pay to learn a new skill.  We want to help everyday experts earn their share of that, by leveraging the knowledge they already have.”

So what are you waiting for, get on with downloading and make some extra cash or learn some new skills today.