HTC Will Release the Cryptocurrency-Optimized Exodus 1s

HTC’s presence in the mainstream smartphone market is steadily declining. However, its new mid-range model recently appeared on a benchmark website. It’s a 5G smartphone and the company may unveil it later this year. The Exodus 1 was the latest smarphone from HTC and it fully supports cryptocurrency investing and blockchain. Phil Chen, the Decentralized Chief Officer of HTC announced via Mashable that a more affordable version of the Exodus 1 will be released next quarter.

HTC will designate the phone as the Exodus 1s and it’s a more value-oriented version of the current Exodus 1 model. While the original Exodus 1 is available at $699, the Exodus 1s is significantly cheaper at between $250 and $300. The company will release official details of the phone’s specifications and other details at a later date. Regular Android smartphones could support cryptocurrency and blockchain using special apps, but the Exodus 1 and Exodus 1s have native and optimized support.

Blockchain is a platform for storing cryptocurrency transaction. Each new block in the chain represents a newly added transaction. Blocks contain coded information that includes all essential details, such as time stamp, details of the previous block and other data. Because the last block of the chain determines details of future blocks, it means changing one block will require changing all blocks in the chain. Even if such a change gets approval, it is technically very difficult to do. So, it will be practically impossible for hacker to illegally modify a transaction inside the blockchain.

Unlike Exodus 1, the more affordable Exodus 1s will have a full Bitcoin node. It means that full blockchain history will be available to users via the phone and they can send any Bitcoin transaction to the network, instead of using secure wallet. Because the current size of Bitcoin blockchain has reached 200GB, HTC will prune it to 10GB, so the syncing process will be faster. If users want to access complete Bitcoin blockchain, they will need to use an extra large, high performance microSD card. Full nodes are critical for the resilience and reliability of the Bitcoin network, so Exodus 1s users could contribute.