App Review – ZACAR

Social networking apps are one of the most popular ones and tons of them are developed, making it hard for users to discover the one they need based on their interests. If you are a car owner that likes to get informed and discuss things related to his current or future car, there are social apps especially designed for car owners. To help, we looked and we found one amazing social networking app for car owners to connect and engage with each other. Let’s discuss about the app.


What is ZACAR?

ZACAR is a reliable, practical and informative car social networking app which is developed for IOS users, especially designed for car owners. If you own a car, then you need to have this social network. With its clean user-friendly interface and the various features offered on it, the app allows you to connect and engage with car owners, ask questions and become a part of discussions about cars. This app is offering you the best dynamic destination for knowledge

Why do we love it?

This social network and the features offered on it will make it simple for car owners to get informed about everything they need to know about their current or potential future car. All you need to do is to create your profile, edit it as you like it to be and put your car in the spot. Ask questions and discuss about your car, chatting with real car owners in real time, sharing experiences and even making new friends.

This simple app offers smart feed highlighting for personalized content. The app will save you time and effort with instant interest based chat groups so you always engage with people that discuss about the car stuff you are interested in. The history of questions and answers is saved and you can easily discover it within the app. Car ratings can be also found and all the ratings are unbiased. When you choose your next car or want vital info on the car you are driving, don’t count on fancy catalogs and biased reviews but instead talk to real people.

Download the app on App Store for free to inform yourself about your current or potential future car!

App Store Download Link: ZACAR