Lenovo Introduces the World’s First Foldable Laptop

Folding designs are being pitched in the smartphone industry as the next trend. It turns out that foldable device isn’t only applicable for smartphones. Lenovo has recently shown off the world’s first ever foldable laptop. At the present stage, it’s still a prototype, but Lenovo has been developing it for more than three years. Dubbed ThinkPad X1, the laptop will be available in 2020. It has 13.3-inch OLED touch display with 2K screen resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio. When folded, the ThinkPad X1 will be about the size of a book and Lenovo says that it will weigh less than a couple of pounds. This makes the foldable laptop relatively light among portable computers. Also, because you can fold it in half, the ThinkPad X1 should be dramatically smaller than typical laptop.

Windows 10 has decent touch interface and the unique form factor makes the ThinkPad X1 a stylish device. However, it is clearly not yet completely finished. The folding mechanism doesn’t look especially sturdy and the screen has quite poor viewing angles. Even when viewed from a slight angle, the colors on the screen shift wildly. Hopefully, everything will be sorted out on the final device. When unfolded completely, the ThinkPad X1 could work like a big tablet. It should have a book-esque form factor when folded partially.

The laptop has built-in kickstand, so you can prop up the display. The device comes with wireless trackpad and keyboard. To make the device works like traditional laptop, you need to turn it on its side. Just like the Lenovo Yoga Book dual-screened device, the bottom surface of the ThinkPad X1 can be used as writing pad or digital keyboard. Unfortunately, there are still no concrete details about this product, but we know that it will have Intel processor, run Windows OS and offer a one-day of battery life. Others like internal storage and the amount of RAM are still kept under wraps.