Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS

The Bitdefender mobile security for iOS provides strong malware protection, excellent online privacy, and an incredible anti-theft experience. It ensures to take care of your personal information and provides optimum online privacy which makes it very nice to use. The software installs in seconds and functions at Max speed without slowing down your PC. The software is known for its utilization of high detection engines in the detection of malware, and it has become one of the most popular antivirus and security solution development company. Initially, it was only available for Android devices but now it is available for iOS devices. Thankfully it is also available in Apple Store for download without the need to pay.

As mentioned earlier, Bitdefender is very easy to use and is credited for its incredible ability to identify all kinds of threats or breaches. It also ensures the safety of sensitive information and it’s protection from being accessed from your mobile without your permission, therefore, all personal data is kept safe. Online activities such as paying bills, making holiday reservations or even purchasing goods and services including all other online transactions are made hassle-free thanks to Bitdefender. This is the case because all personal data are under its protection and therefore cannot be hacked by cybercriminals.

The software allows users a variety of functions: one of which is the ability to locate, lock and wipe your device in case it gets stolen or lost through the anti-theft feature. Another one of these functions is the ability to check for leakages on your online accounts through the account privacy feature. The software provides a variety of other functions as well and it works on any device that runs an iOS 10 and above and needs an active internet connection to be activated and to function properly in detecting any data leakage on your online accounts

It has consistently scored as best protection in virus and malware detection. It is also highly recommended due to its complete protection of online privacy and personal data. It comes with continuous updates and accelerates the introduction of new features, it simplifies update and upgrade and also installation of Bitdefender security. Every Bitdefender is designed to update automatically and protect its device against all forms of threats including the most advanced cyber threats in the globe. Every upgrade to a newer version is included as part of your subscription and by this, you are sure to be up to date on the latest and improved features despite being halfway through your subscription. If you have an iOS device, what are you waiting for? Get your device protected with this strong antimalware app for maximum internet experience.