Phone Prank Ideas

There are a lot of pranks that you can choose to play on your friends but nothing beats the classics. There are a lot of creative pranks that you can do just using your mobile or your victim’s mobile. I think it goes without saying that everyone is a fan of a good prank. Whether you’re the perpetrator or the unwilling victim, it is likely that both parties will share a good laugh after the prank has ended.

Because of technology, there are now much more ways to prank someone. With the constant development and advancement of the technology available in our daily lives, the possibilities have become endless — whether it be a simple prank or an elaborate one that goes on for weeks.

The mobile phone has become a necessity in our daily lives already. It is our main means of contacting other people while also allowing us access to the Internet, a valuable resource in our time. This means that if you mess with someone’s phone, you will definitely be able to do a lot of damage in their lives. Guaranteed, your prank will have a heavy impact.

I have compiled a list of mobile-related pranks that you can play on your friends. Enjoy!

Play With The Autocorrect Feature

This is a classic prank already. Also one of the most well-known. However, it is still one of the most devastating. Perhaps one reason why it is so effective is that when we text, we do not often proofread before hitting send. This means that when you mess with the autocorrect feature on their phone, chances are they’d have sent it before they realized that you’ve changed their “Yes” into “Monster Farts”.

Typing Prank

This only works if your victim has an iPhone. The Apple product has the iMessage application. It has a feature that allows two chatting Apple users to see whether the other is typing a reply or not. Test your friend’s patience by sending them a GIF of the typing symbol and wait how long they will wait for your “reply”.

It is human nature for us to wait for the reply instead of closing the app and then opening it again when you receive the reply. This means that your prank would render them paralyzed from a few seconds to a handful of minutes.

Frozen Screen

This one is just too brutal especially if your victim is from an older generation who is not as inclined with technology. We all have experienced that desperate feeling of having a frozen phone. There’s really nothing you can do but wait until it becomes responsive again.

So how do you trick someone into think that their phone has frozen? It’s easy. First, take a screenshot of their current home screen then remove all the icons from the homepage so that the homepage is blank. From there, change the home screen wallpaper into the screenshot so that it looks normal. Enjoy the hilarity as your friend desperately reboots their phone again and again to no avail. Just make sure to tell them what you did before they throw their mobile and buy a new phone.

Prank Calls

Nothing can ever beat the annoying panic that a prank call brings. What is good about pranking now is that you do not need to do a lot of elaborate planning. You simply just have to download a Prank Dial App and let it all of the work for you. All the fun without any of the work. What else can you ask for?

Switch their Contacts

Another classic mobile prank is to switch out the names on their contacts. The chaos that will ensue depends on your creativity. You just need untethered access to their contacts for you to create disorder in their life. Go to their Contacts and change the names of the important contacts.

For example, you can swap the numbers of their significant others and their boss. Just imagine the things they tell their boyfriend or girlfriend getting sent to their superiors. Swapping family members to friends will also create some laughs. There is just some stuff you tell your friends that you do not want your family to know.

Endless Alarms

I recommend that you only do this prank if you have deep-seated hatred on your victim. No one likes being woken up but being woken up countless time in the middle of the night. It is literal torture. Open their Clock app and create an alarm for the most inconvenient of time, say 3:00 AM. Also, look for the worst possible sound they have on their Alarm interface. If you really wanna be evil, you can set an alarm every 5 minutes. They would think that they’ve turned it off then just when they’re finally feeling the embrace of sleep again, they get woken up by another annoying alarm. The best part about this is that your victim will probably be too groggy to actually disable the alarms meaning it could happen again the next day.