5G is Available in the UK, But Only on These Smartphones

With the launch of 5G in 6 major cities in the UK by EE, it marks a huge milestone in network connectivity. The first cities to see the new connection are London, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, Belfast, and Edinburgh. The 5G network is said to be faster than a lot of home Wi-Fi connection. In reality, 5G will allow customers to download a full episode of a TV show within seconds. You will also be able to make real-time 4K video calls and stream high intense graphics game with no lag.

This is exciting news, however, you can only access the 5G network on four smartphones. Now that 5G has been launched, it’s likely that smartphone makers will soon release 5G-compatible phones.

Smartphones you can access the 5G network on

Oppo Reno

One Plus 7 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S10

LG V50 ThinQ

If you own one of those phones then enjoy the new immense speed.