Australian iPhone Bookmaker Apps

Fortunately for Australian sports bettors, many sites are particularly accommodating to many of their favorite sports. Soccer, basketball, rugby, tennis, and cricket are worldwide favorites, and it’s pretty easy to find platforms featuring them.

The bad news is that the Australian government isn’t as keen on these activities, and they’ve been cracking down on online gambling sites, causing some to close their doors to Australian bettors.

If you’ve recently lost your online gambling home, or if you’re looking to get into online sports betting for the first time, then in this article, we’ll be covering the best Australian bookmaker apps! These sites will welcome you with open arms, and they’ve got some great options available to boot.


Bet365 for iPhone offers some amazing live betting options for Australian sports bettors. They have a huge number of options available for Aussie favorites like basketball, soccer, and cricket, many more than most sports betting sites have honestly. At the time of writing, there are over 247 live events ready for you to bet on.

However, they’ve also got some more niche sports available, and they might even have one of the best sports booker selections around. You can place iPhone and Android bets on sports like surfing, cycling, darts, futsal, water polo, and even Gaelic sports, in a wide number of countries.

While not available in the live section, they do also allow for betting on a more obscure Australian favorite as well, Netball! Plus, access to rugby league and union games.

In addition to this excellent selection, they also have some amazing tools to help you place your bets. This includes instant updates on what’s going on in-game and even some cool little diagrams to show where the ball is on the field and who has it.

Their in-depth game stats allows you to place timely bets based on information as it comes in, and that’s great news for those looking to make split-second decisions. Plus, you can get in on live streaming, live match sports, excellent notification options, and race archives too.


Interested in a sports betting platform where you won’t have to give up your identity? If so, then Nitrogen is likely your best choice. This Bitcoin sports betting platform works on both iPhone and iPad and won’t even ask you for your email address if you don’t want to provide it.

While gambling anonymously is great, they’ve also got an awesome sports selection to go with it. All the big sports are here, but they’ve also got some less common fare like horse racing, MMA, Nascar, F1 races, and Aussie Rules Football.

In addition, they offer great benefits that include fast transactions, exceptional customer support, great security features and seriously competitive odds.

It’s a great site for the privacy conscience, or even just anyone who want to place bets on their favorite sports without jumping through endless hoops. Of course, you will need to bet in Bitcoin here exclusively.


Betcoin has a great selection of sports betting options available, including a sizeable selection of live sports which you can wager on from your iOS smartphone or tablet. These options all include great tools that keep you up to date on what’s going on in the matches, and they offer a huge amount of information that can impact your betting decisions.

While their traditional sports selection isn’t quite as wide as some other apps, they do offer many country choices. So, if you’ve been looking to place bets on some obscure league or tournament in a smaller country, then this might be a good place to look.

In some cases, you’ll even be able to take advantage of live streams with commentary, such as for esports, and you’ll also have access to a ton of great betting options.

If you’re into altcoins, then you’ll also be glad to know that Betcoin supports much more than just Bitcoin. You can also deposit using BCH, XMR, LTC, Dash, XRP and several others if you’d like to support your favorite cryptocurrencies whilst wagering on your sport of choice.

Betcoin is all about options, and that’s good news for crypto and sports enthusiasts alike.