Captum – Create your Own Augmented Reality from an Image or Video

Gone or the days when you use augmented reality on your phone to capture the nearest Pokemon. You can do more than that now. Your smartphone is a powerful tool and you can use it to market your business. Captum is a new app that allows users to convert a video, mpg, and jpg into an augmented reality sales tool that comes alive in front of your client so they can visualize what you are offering much better than a magazine or brochure would show.

With Captum it’s easy to record or upload your videos for people to discover. Recorded video can be triggered when a user scans an image that has been set by you or automatically taken from the starting frame of the recorded video. You can turn an image from leaflets, brochure, and magazine into a full-motion video. You can then add a link, so your clients can get more information or contact you. It makes things way more engaging and memorable for your customers.

A few years ago AR seems expensive and far fetch for the average small business owner. However, with Captum, anyone can implement a bit of class to their business and attract more customers.

Captum is perfect to use as part of your marketing tool. The app is free and you can create AR from your phone, sitting at your desk or wherever you choose.

Captum is available on App Store and Google Play store.

Captum Features:

Augmented Reality

– Turn any static image into an augmented reality ad

– Convert jpg, mpg, or online videos into AR animations

– Create and view AR content by scanning the image with your phone

– Turn any photo into a live AR video

AR Made Easy

– Create and view augmented reality animations right from your phone

– Quickly and easily create AR animations

– Affordably incorporate AR into your marketing efforts

– Point, shoot, publish and print


Enhance Your Ads

– Add AR to any business card, flyer or poster

– Infuse your multi-media marketing with a “wow” factor only AR can provide

– Connect your customers to your ads with AR animations

– Embed links to let your customers access more information, make a purchase or reach a contact form

– Scan the ad and see it come to life on your customers’ phones