Sony Will Release the Foldable Xperia F

Xperia F could be Sony’s first ever foldable device, after Samsung and Huawei introduced the same type of devices. In the meantime, a foldable Motorola RAZR and similar devices from LG and Xiaomi are currently under development. With the “F” stands for foldable, the Xperia F uses the flexible OLED display developed by Samsung. Sony may adopt the 21:9 aspect ratio, used by Xperia 1 and Xperia 10 models. This may indicate that the Xperia F will have a design nearly similar to the Motorola RAZR with display that folds vertically, instead of horizontally. The Xperia F will include 5G connectivity, so it could be Sony’s first device with such capability.

Sony regularly introduces its devices in Barcelona, during the annual MWC event. It means that the Xperia F will make the first appearance alongside the Xperia 3 next year. It’s also possible that the Xperia F will be launched along Sony’s next generation gaming console, the Playstation 5. At the end of 2018, we saw a patent that hinted the intention of the company to make a foldable smartphone with transparent display. Sony’s smartphone department has been struggling in the past few years. The company only managed to sell nearly 6.5 million devices last year with a total loss of $879.4 million. To cut losses, Sony has exited markets with low sales, such as Middle East and Australia. Instead, the company is focusing on just Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and Europe.

Sony’s CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida said that younger people no longer watch television and smartphones have become the primary touch point for information and entertainment. That’s the reason why Sony stays committed to its smartphone business. Launching a foldable smartphone model should be a prudent move by the Japanese electronics giant, because it could be the next standard for future flagship devices. However, it may take awhile before the technology becomes more mature, as proven by reliability issues of Samsung Galaxy Fold.