Major Features of iOS 13

The latest iOS version still has familiar and effective interface. While you may not see any substantial change immediately, here are major features of the iOS 13:

  • Dark Mode: People have been asking for an option to enable darker interface in iOS. The new iOS 13 finally comes with dark mode for more convenience and comfort in low-light conditions. All interface elements and built-in apps fully support the dark mode. Third-party developers will also update their apps to better support dark mode.
  • Improved performance: When the earlier iOS 12 arrived, we noticed enormous improvements in performance and stability over the iOS 11. The iOS 13 keeps the momentum with a few additional tweaks to enhance application handling. With iOS 13, app downloads and updates should be around 50 percent smaller. Apps should also load twice faster and Face ID should work around 30 percent faster.
  • Updated iMessage: iOS 13 allows users to share name and profile with other users of iMessage. It’s easy to configure these details. The stock iOS keyboard now includes flow/swipe input known as Quick Path, which makes it easier to write new messages. Apple upgrades Memoji with many personalization options as well.
  • Updated Mail: The trusty Mail app in iOS gets the new rich text format for improved expressions and users can also implement custom fonts. Users can choose to ignore certain mail threads and block unwanted senders, as well as assigning colored flags.
  • Updated Notes: Notes app may look simple, but it hides various useful features. With iOS 13, Notes gets the new Gallery view with thumbnails shown in grid view. There are also improved tools for checklist creation and collaboration.
  • New editing options for Photos: New editing options include noise reduction, sharpening and white balance. This will help to enhance photo quality for social media and other purposes.