Three Things You Should Know About the New Apple Mac Pro 2019

The latest Mac Pro 2019 is replacement for the 2013 edition of the Mac Pro. With its overpowered hardware, the new Mac Pro seems like a computer that comes from the future. If you are planning to own it, here are a few things to know.


Release Date and Price

Apple confirmed that the Mac Pro 2019 will be available in fall 2019, so it should come between September and November. The base model will be available for $5,999 and some estimate that the top of the line model could be as high as $45,000.



Mac Pro 2019 has a straight industrial look and it isn’t meant to look pretty. The goal is to make the Mac Pro very modular and highly customizable. It combines brushed aluminium and the controversial heat sink holes. The new Mac Pro is being ridiculed as cheese grater due to its external designs. Even so, Apple guarantees ease of use with rack-mount design and you can screw wheels under the case to ensure portability. The design also ensures maximum airflow for effective cooling and reduced noise. Although Mac Pro 2019 has massive fans, they shouldn’t distract users from their work.


Specs and performance

The base model of Apple Mac Pro has 8-core Intel Xeon processor and for professionals, they could choose powerful workstation variants of Mac Pro 2019 with impressive 28-core Xeon CPU. The base model also has the sufficiently capable Radeon Pro 580X GPU and for the top model, you can pair a couple of Radeon Pro Vega II with 64GB of video memory. Another impressive component is the Pro Display XDR 32-inch monitor with Retina 6K resolution.  XDR is Apple’s version of improved high dynamic range (HDR). The monitor panel has nano-texture surface that reduces reflections. Inside there are 12 memory slots for 6-channel RAM arrangement and you can put up to 1.5GB of RAM.