Apple Officially Releases iPadOS

Apple’s tablets are getting new specialized operating systems. For years, iPhone and iPad share the same iOS platforms. The iPadOS itself is essentially a redesign of the iOS with full optimization for iPad’s bigger screen. iPads are known for their powerful hardware and great performance, but they are often held back by the stock iOS platform. That’s the reason why Apple decided to branch out the iPad on its own path with iPadOS. While the iPadOS is generally similar to the iOS, it has many extras, including new features, extended file system and gestures. Here are new features of iPadOS

  • Multiple apps: It is now possible to fit multiple apps on the screen. This should benefit users with large 12.9-inch display. Users can pin favourite widgets on the homescreen.
  • Slide Over and Split View: Slide Over makes it possible to have an iPhone-like display over the main app. Recent Apps cartwheel will appear when you swipe the Slide Over up. When you enable Split View, you can open different content from the same app on both sides of the display. Both new features should improve multitasking performance with iPadOS.
  • Text editing and input: While editing text with iOS is already comfortable, iPadOS offers more improvements. You can now highlight text by dragging over the text itself. You don’t need to awkwardly tap and hold a block of text to highlight it. All you need to do is to tap on an end of the paragraph and slide to wherever you wish to enable highlighting. You can also shrink the onscreen keyboard to make typing faster.
  • More responsive Apple Pencil: iPadOS makes Apple Pencil even more accurate and sensitive. Its response rate is reduced from 20ms to 9ms. It’s really easy to mark up different pages with Pencil.
  • New file system: iPadOs has the new deep file browsing feature that’s similar to Finder on MacOS. It supports iCloud shared folder for team collaboration. Another groundbreaking improvement is support for microSD readers and USB flash drive.