How Much Does an Auto Dialer Cost?

Also known as a predictive dialer, an auto dialer is an important component of many call centers. Before auto dialers existed, call center agents had to wait for voicemail or an answer before moving on to make another phone call.

Understandably, this slowed down agent productivity a lot, because there were many times when a call would ring several times before ending in a voicemail, or a dead call. Autodialers mitigate these issues by using advanced algorithms which connect agents only to a call that is life. This drastically reduces wasted calls and allows agents to field dozens of more calls in a day.

As a result, many companies that choose auto dialer software for call center operations find a massive increase in employee productivity, which leads to more satisfied staff as well. If you’re considering implementing an auto dialer at your business, here’s what you should know about its costs.

What are the setup costs for auto dialers?

It’s important to note that when switching to call center software that offers an auto dialer, there’s more to the pricing than just the feature itself. That’s because set up costs are also required in order to implement an auto dialer at your workplace.

Many businesses go beyond just selling you a piece of software, and spend time getting to know your business’ needs and requirements in order to custom tailor their auto dialer software to your goals. Once their software has been designed and configured to address those goals, they enter into a testing phase to ensure that everything runs smoothly once the full switch is made.

From there, they lead both managers with supervisor duties and agents through training sessions that allow them to familiarize themselves with the platform and better understand how to use it. This care allows your team to hit the ground running once the switch has been completed.

What other factors affect call center software pricing?

Of course, many companies implement call center software for more reasons than just their auto dialer functionality. Which other features you choose will affect how much your call center software costs, so it’s important to have a good understanding of these areas in order to make an informed decision on how much of your budget to allocate to call center software.

For example, in the world of optimizations for your customer service, most basic options will include virtual queues, but if you are looking for omnichannel support to handle social media interactions, you will likely need to pay more.

The same can be said for certain features tailored towards improving your agents’ workflow, like scripted conversations and conversation templates. Some features like artificial intelligence chatbots and web chat support are also only usually available at higher priced tiers, but you can always upgrade to features like that at a later date should you desire to.

Some aspects of pricing are affected less by certain features and have more to do with factors related to the size of your team or business. For instance, many security features depend on how many users are accessing your software solution. These include features like data encryption even when the platform isn’t being used, which is charged by the number of users, as well as creating a PCI certified environment. Data limits and storage times will also increase your pricing, depending on how long you plan on saving various recordings and statistics.

As you can see, pricing for auto dialers isn’t necessarily a straightforward answer. This is because most modern call center software is designed to meet the needs of its users. As a result, it is immensely customizable.

The best way to determine how much implementing an auto dialer with your company will cost is to reach out to the developer for a price quote. From there, you’ll be able to pick and choose what features make the most sense for your business and its needs and get a much more accurate price quote.