Why Did Google Leaked The Upcoming Pixel 4 so Early?

It is the silly season in sports, with the NFL preseason going through and the NBA also on hold and rumors keep popping. It it is also the season for tech fans when gossips start leaking. Earlier this month we had the Apple conference and then the E3, with lots of games announcements and Google appears to have decided to not be left behind.


We all knew that Google was working on the new Pixel 4 that should be released in October. However, the tech giant decided to upload a photo to their Made By Google Twitter account showing its new multiple rear camera options. 

To reveal the devices name and picture this early is unusual by tech companies and it might have a deeper meaning. Every big technology company likes to keep it quiet until the announcement on some official events like Apple’s developers conference. Lets go through the possible reasons why Google decided to unveil the phone this early.


1. To show that they are not a copy of the iPhone 11

As we know the iPhone 11 in production and it tends to be released in September which is earlier than the Google Pixel schedule in October. We saw some rumors regarding the looks of the new iPhone 11 which looks almost identical with the Pixel 4 rear camera design. So, if Apple releases the new iPhone 11 that looks like the pictures from the rumors in September, people will start to think that Google copied Apples design.


The design shows that both phones will have a bump in the left corner on the back side of the phone, where there will be placed multiple cameras and sensors. The designs look almost identical, so it is clear that someone copied something. As there is no official image for the iPhone 11 yet, we will have to wait and see if the phone ends up looking like that.


2. Pixel 4 might release earlier than October

As we mentioned, four months is a long period to tease a product doesn’t matter if it is a phone or any other device. Maybe the phone will be released in September or even August. This might not be such a great idea just because Google announced the Pixel 3A and 3A XL earlier in May, so it will be good if they allow some time between announcements. 


September might be a possible release date in order to rival the new iPhone 11. Even though the sales difference is not comparable, it can still affect the release. 

The phone coming earlier this year suggest the fact that Pixel 4 has been spotted in use in London. After Google released the image of the phone, people quickly reacted with photo by anonymous in London holding what looks like the new Pixel 4. This might be fake, but it sure sparks a fire in the fans waiting for it.


3. Google does not care

Consider that Google Pixel 3 since it was announced last yearhad become one of the most leaked phones of all time. Many of the rumors and specs were accurate with the release as well as some people were doing unboxing even three days before the official release. 


It seems like Google does not take rumors seriously and do not keep secrets from people. This proves the fact that they released an image of the phone just because they knew that people will start leaking it this period due to their lack of secret keeping.


These are some of the reasons why Google decided to leak the new Pixel 4, however, we will have to wait and see if the device will actually match people needs and demands. It is always good to have active competition between big tech companies. That will always force them to be innovative and give us a better product. 

Just because it is early,  we don’t have any information about the new Pixel 4 in terms of hardware, camera features or if the display is going to be good for watching videos. We will have to see if they match the competition.