Samsung Galaxy S11 May Have DDR5 RAM, Integrated 5G Modem and UFS 3.0

The chipset of Samsung’s next flagship, Galaxy S11 may include integrated 5G modem and support for fast DDR5 RAM. At the moment, the US version of Samsung Galaxy S10 uses Snapdragon 855 made using first-generation 7nm manufacturing technology. The International version of the S10 uses the Exynos 9820 SoC with 8nm technology. We are expecting that Qualcomm and Samsung will solder together their processors and 5G modem, so they will become a real system-on-a-chip platform. 5G smartphones are still using separate processor and 5G modem, which take extra space, making them thicker than regular 4G flagship devices.

Qualcomm is preparing Snapdragon 865 SoC, which will have two versions, one with 5G connectivity and another without. Qualcomm calls these versions Kona and Huracan, but we don’t which one will have 5G connectivity. Other than support for LPDDR5X RAM, the Snapdragon 865 also offers UFS 3.0, which is the fastest storage standard available in the market. OnePlus 7 Pro already has UFS 3.0 feature. Samsung already released a statement that its LPDDR5 RAM modules are ready for mass production and the South Korean company may use it for the Galaxy S11.

Each year, Qualcomm launches its best mobile chipset (8xx series) during the Snapdragon Tech Summit. These events have been taking place in Hawaii for a number of years. If these claims are true, it’s likely that the first 5G integrated mobile SoC will be available on early 2020. Samsung will undoubtedly make use of this powerful chipset for its next flagship the Galaxy S11. Sony, Google, OnePlus and other smartphone makers should follow not long after that.

High performance Snapdragon 865 processor and LPDDR5 RAM will make flagships in 2020 noticeably faster. It may take awhile before 5G networks become mature and widely available around the world. The combination of these technologies should boost user experience significantly.