CarSmartt – Cheap, Safe & Secure Carpooling App

Today, finding a ride is just a smartphone tap away through rideshare apps like Lyft or Uber. With these types of mobile apps, it is incredibly easy for riders to secure an on-demand ride to get wherever they need to go. However finding a ride quickly and at the best price as possible and reliable and safe can be time-consuming, we offer a carpooling app that will connect both drivers and customers to enjoy safe and secure rides at the most affordable prices.

What is CarSmartt?

CarSmartt is a reliable and secure U.S based online marketplace for ridesharing that connects drivers and customers through a simple and yet efficient ridesharing app. With this carpooling app developed for iOS users, both drivers and customers can connect to make short and long distance travel safe and affordable. Transparent and with the option of cash payment, this innovative app is saving resources, guaranteeing drivers to earn more and customers safe short and long distance travels.

Why do we love CarSmartt?

This app offers a variety of features both drivers and customers will enjoy while connecting for rides, anytime and anywhere. Customers within the app need register and log in without much effort, choosing the language and currency they want to. The app offers easy taxi booking service, you need to send a request online to a driver and also in route tracking is quite simple. Trip completion rating will be also available for you when the ride is over.

For drivers is easy to register and log in within the app as well, and they also need to choose the language and the currency. Drivers can set their availability status and with a single tap, they are ready to accept requests. Just by sliding the driver is able to start the service and also interactive invoice summary is available too. Trip completion rating is also available for drivers when they get the customer to the required location.

Download the app now for free on the App Store for both drivers and riders to connect with each other!

App Store Download Link: CarSmartt

App Store Download Link: CarSmartt Driver