FaceZoom Empowers Your iPhone By Turning It Into a Powerful Photography Beast

You need to capture attention and stand out. This is very difficult to do. Particularly in the age of social media when attention spans are shrinking to just eight seconds.

Still, photos are an effective way to catch someone’s eye, and for that purpose you need a powerful photography and photo editing app. Today we will cover one of the best – FaceZoom.

What is FaceZoom?

This photography, drawing and editing tool offers great variety of photo editing features and its own camera, filters and powerful iPhone camera zoom feature that can really come handy in various situations.

Features and how you can make use of it

Besides the basic photo editing features like cropping and resizing, you can also use variety of cool filters and settings, that can turn good photo into great one. Alternatively, you can add emojis, text to any photo and even draw with great selection of brushes and colors.

The intuitive UI is smooth and powered by great and flawless control. For example you can add stickers and resize and move them easily.

All the photos you make or edit/create with FaceZoom are saved in your Gallery and Library, meaning they are available for easy sharing across social media and messaging apps.

All this great features like top quality zoom option with minimal loss in image quality, editing, refining, filtering etc. come for free. It is a great photo editing app for both personal and commercial use. Download it now for free, or use the in app purchase to remove watermark and ads.