Game Review – Hungry Battles

Arcade games are one of the most popular games played on smartphones nowadays. Tons of them are developed which makes the search for an addictive, fun to play and yet challenging arcade quite challenging. To make it easier for all lovers of arcade games, we looked and we found one very exciting arcade game where you get the chance to put your skills on the test by participating in PVP battles and eating opponents to win.

What is Hungry Battles?

Hungry Battles is an exciting, fun to play and addictive arcade game which is developed for iOS users. This game is quite simple, with easy to use on-screen controls, sharp graphics and entertaining sounds that will keep your attention each time you play. Your task in this game is to eat your rivals and climb up to the new leagues to receive rewards. Develop your hero and participate in PVP battles, join clans and complete achievements to become the best player.

Why do we love this arcade?

The gameplay and features offered within this game will hook you to playing on your first try. All you need to do is to use the on-screen controls first to collect the food you need for energy and then to eat your opponents before they eat you first. As you play and progress, you can change your appearance as you like. Complete achievements that are required so you can collect stars and climb up to the new leagues to receive your rewards.

Earn ratings so you can open new weapon slots and use boosters to help you progress further. More you progress, better the chances for you to join clans. Collect daily rewards for your progress and achievements and unlock new powerful weapons for your PVP battles so you can eat all your rivals and become the ultimate arcade player of the game.

Download the game for free now on the App Store to compete and eat your rivals to win the PVP battles!