Mashapp The Innovative and Creative Way to Socialize

Social media communications are generally done by typing out a long message. However, Mashapp wants to put a twist on things and allow people to socialize through interactive videos. You record your own video and share it with groups that you have created.

The app wants to step away from the traditional cumbersome way of social media. I have to say with simplicity and no distractions, Mashapp has achieved just that. The mere fact that you won’t be bugged by ads or sponsored links, etc… makes it worth a try. Mashapp allows you to create private threads with people you allow in the group. You can be gimmicky, fun, silly, serious or just however you want to be. “Users simply record their video input and insert it anywhere in the thread of the existing video they have chosen to participate in. Something entirely collaborative, generally comic and always emotionally gratifying ensues.”

Of course, the app has all the usual features you find in the traditional social media app. You are able to add or remove members, mute members, start your own group and allow push notifications. You can verify and sign up with your mobile phone number, just like how you would with Twitter or Facebook app. Once you sign up you can start adding your video and invite people to join and have a good discussion. The great thing is you are seeing the person’s face, kind of a video selfie, so it will feel much different from other social apps. If you join a group and find that you are not enjoying it you can simply leave.

MashApp is free to download. There are plans for future versions to have paid add-on features such as, sponsoring a group or purchasing exclusive filters.

You can get Mashapp on the App Store or Google Play. Go ahead and start mashing.