Samsung is Preparing a Bigger Galaxy Fold with S Pen

Despite mishaps with the first generation Galaxy Fold, an improved version is in the work with S Pen 2019 and massive display. The original Galaxy Fold has been plagued with various build quality issues and this has caused a lengthy delay. Fortunately, an impending sequel would be available for another release. It should make a lot of sense for the South Korean company to prepare for a second generation of the Fold, because the original is not quite ready for commercial deployment yet. Fortunately, many are already convinced that foldable design is the future of the smartphone industry.

Sooner or later, Samsung should have the capability to solve design and production challenges of the Fold and they are preparing the next stage of the foldable design. A bigger, more durable display with fold-in design should be a welcome upgrade that people would love to have. However, due to the major changes, it’s not clear whether the device will be called the Fold or Fold 2. It’s necessary to note that there are conflicting rumors in the South Korean media about the size of the display. But, we do know that Samsung will add S Pen for the bigger variant of the Galaxy Gold.

Another important question to ask is whether Samsung will discard the original Galaxy Fold. The next version of the Fold will probably ready for release in December 2019 or probably the beginning of 2020 at the latest. We can be hopeful that the new device could answer the scepticism due to the previously flawed design. Another thing that we can certain about is that Samsung will rigorously test the new Fold design to make sure that it could withstand lengthy and constant abuse. Surely, Samsung isn’t ready yet to relinquish its bragging right to its rivals in the foldable market, especially Huawei. It’s possible that Samsung will start it again with releasing a small batch of improved Fold, before a commercial release.