How to Print Photos Directly From Your iPhone

Your iPhone may be holding countless hours of great memories in your photo app, but the best memories and most beautiful shots could be put to much better use back in the real world.

There are several different options for you to conveniently print photos directly from your iPhone, and so many creative ways to bring your photos to life, from custom canvas prints to blankets and much more.

Printing at home

A high-resolution home printer should either support Apple’s AirPrint feature out-of-the-box or be retrofitted to be included in your home AirPrint network. For the best output, make sure you are using photo paper and factory-direct ink. Photo paper is specifically designed to handle the additional ink saturation in a photo print without bleeding or pooling.

While refurbished ink toner is far more economical and can be a great way to save money on document printing, the output quality on high resolution color photos can be disappointing. If you don’t have a home printer or don’t want to deal with the hassle of stocking special photo printing supplies, there are several other easy ways to turn your photos into reality.

Retail printing services

Several different retail companies now offer printing services which can either be printed or picked up in-store or mailed to your home. Shipping companies like FedEx and UPS, as well as office supply companies like Staples, have designated a specific email account to each store to receive items into a print queue.

And since they use high-definition laser printers, you’ll usually get a top-quality print. In some cases, you can also transfer a photo to the print queue via Bluetooth connection if you are standing next to the printer.

Places like CVS, Walgreens, and even some Walmart locations and cloud-based businesses have photo centers that operate in a similar fashion to the golden days of 35mm camera processing. You can upload a set of photos to their website right from your phone and then receive your set of prints either in-store or via mail a few days later.

Retailers also have a wider array of print surfaces and sizes to choose from. You can create a bound photo album, put your photo on a coffee mug or a poster-sized piece of paper, or even make a calendar or holiday postcard at most of the stores listed above.

Most of the web interfaces for these stores do require logins and data input. So if you’ve been putting off an iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement, the sooner you get that fixed, the sooner you can reduce critical data entry typos resulting from a cracked screen.

Special printing services

You can also use the photos on your iPhone to create, CD jewel case covers, custom T-shirts, collages, magnetic signs, stickers, mouse pads, and a host of other products. These can make great conversation pieces or quirky gifts, or you can make personalized marketing promos for your business brand.

There are several photo editing apps you can use to augment your pictures before printing them, applying filters or special crop features to make your photo better fit into a unique setting.

Through our photos, we can reconnect with loved ones, memorialize places that have changed or been demolished, capture evocative scenes and beautiful displays. Your photos can even become part of a larger story, whether it’s a cultural movement or a placemark in family history.

With so many options to print and place your photos in your home or workspace, there’s no reason for you not to keep old memories alive.