Spoppin – Amazing Social Network to Find the Best Places in Your City

Whether you’ve moved to a new city to live in, or you’ve decided to explore unexplored areas in your city, it’s always nice to know about the essential to-do stuff around the place you’re located in. Nowadays you can easily do that with the right app on your smartphone. To help with the search, we looked and we found one incredible social networking app for you to discover awesome venues in your city in real time, at any given moment.

What is Spoppin?

Spoppin is an incredible social networking app that is developed for iOS users, very simple and efficient with a clean user-friendly interface that will help you find the best places in your city, with just a tap on your smartphone. This social network keeps you informed about the most popular restaurants, bars, and night clubs in your city in real-time, at any given time. Create your profile, start following friends and search for new cool places to visit, experiencing the best your city offers you.

Spoppin’s Features

This social networking app offers you a variety of features to help you find the best places in your city without wasting much time and effort searching. Explore your city directly from your phone and discover awesome venues. Follow your friends, get notified when they rate venues and join the fun. Search for the best coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and night clubs nearby in real time. The ratings are real-time, category-specific and prioritized by those from your friends.

All ratings are reset each day so you know you always have the latest information and not basing your decisions off stale data. Influence the ranking of venues by rating them on the app and rack points by rating venues to earn rewards. The most relevant venues are always displayed first on the app. Earn a different amount of points for your ratings, posting photos, adding venues and for referrals to receive gift cards up to 10$ when you collect over 1000 points.

Download the app for free on the App Store now to keep informed of the best places your city has to offers!

Official Website: Spoppin