Edge of Madness – Fast and Relentless Roll and Dodge Ball Game

Ball games are quite basic and yet they can be quite addictive and challenging, anytime you feel bored and want to put your reflexes on the test. So, if you’re still hooked and need your game to test your skills or want to dive into the genre, we did our research and we discovered an incredibly exciting, fun and yet challenging roll and dodge ball game to put your fast reactions on the test as you try to get out to roll the ball and keep it on the path. Let’s see what the game is all about.


What is this game all about?

This exciting and addictive roll and dodge ball game is developed on android platform, very fast and relentless, easy to play and yet challenging to master. With this ball rolling game you get to put on test you reflexes and fast reactions. Sharp graphics, cool sounds and simple one-touch controls are offered on this game to enjoy. Just roll and dodge the ball, keep it rolling on the path and avoid dropping the ball of the edge. Sharpen your reflexes and keep the ball rolling.


Standout features

Edge of Madness for the players offers the most thrilling roll and dodge ball gameplay that will get your addicted to playing on your first try. All you need to do in this ball rolling game is to keep the ball rolling and dodging on the path while avoiding to drop it off the path. If you drop the ball of the edge, you will lose the game. You are offered to test your fast reactions in more than 100 levels of pure fun. With your progress through the game, each next level will be more challenging that the level before it. You need to be fast and precise, roll the ball on the path and stay on it to complete each level without dropping the ball of the edge. As you progress, you get the chance to unlock multiple new cool skins and many fun surprises for your achievements in this game. React fast, roll the ball on the path and keep it on it, don’t drop it of the edge and complete all the levels you can to become the best ball roller of this 2d ball rolling game.

Download this game for now on Google Play only to roll the ball on the path without dropping it of the edge!