HotSpotMe Earn Some Extra Cash by Sharing your Internet Connection

Earning some extra cash couldn’t be any easier. If you which to make some money with minimal effort, then look no further. HotSpotMe allows you to safely share the internet connection of your router or mobile device. A user can connect to your device and you don’t need to do anything but earn some cash.

HotSpotMe is easy to set up, you simply sign up as a host using the app and it turns your device into a hotspot. You earn as long as people are connected. All your personal details are safe and secure, the user will never see any of your information. The list of available HotSpotMe routers in range are displayed and with one click, the user the connect their device for browsing, streaming or using social media.

HotSpotMe developers have found a gap in the market. Realizing that people need a connection when they are out and about, HotSpotMe has made this easier. They have dubbed the app “Uber for Hotspots”, just like Uber or Airbnb, HotSpotMe is looking to offer millions of people their service.

Majority of people with a smartphone can already create a Wi-Fi hotspot but this is generally so that family or friends can use it, but for free. With HotSpotMe no more free offering, if you are going to let people use your phone hotspot then you might as well charge for it.

The app is available to download for free on Google Play. Check out how it works below: