A Short Guide to be the Master of Hayday

Farming is one of the most prominent occupations throughout the world. People have been doing this since ages. However, can you imagine a game that is completely dedicated to farming, its procedure and the entire business? With the advancement of technology and the betterment of graphics today, we have top-notch games and games that stand out have some element that is different from the rest that makes them stand out and the game Hayday is thus the most popular game on both the Apple store as well as the Google play store.

This game did not start on both the App Store and Google play store together but it was first launched on the Apple App Store and then eventually launched on the Google play store but today it is one of the most famous and the highest grossing games in both the stores.

Since this is such a famous game, everybody who plays this aspires to be a master at playing this game and to be a master at any game there are certain tips and tricks and cheats that you should bring to your notice in order to get your farm grow as soon as possible.

What is the Game all about?

This game allows you to have your entire farm and decide what you would grow by eventually choosing which crop you want to grow on it and then you have a roadside shop in which you can actually trade these crops. It is just not that, the graphics of the game Hayday are so amazing and real that you feel as if this is real life and you are enjoying the games truly. You can trade your crops and for that, you have been provided a steamboat and a vehicle if required. The entire business acumen of yours and the way you develop your family is going to determine your success in this game.

Further to know about the game, it is important to know what is experience and cheats in the game.

Experience: In the game, experience (XP) denotes various different levels with each level taking you one-step ahead in the game play. You can gain experience points by selling goods, crafting items, harvesting crops, filling trucks, completing orders, reviving trees, creating production buildings, and creating your own farm. This acts as a simple way of tracking every milestone achieved during the game.

Cheats: This is a technique or strategy used by mobile gamers to advance their levels of gaming and earn special powers or benefits in various different forms like keyboard combinations and alphanumeric codes. These benefits further help you enjoy an added advantage over the other gamers playing the same game.

Tips to Remember

Hayday Game has some tips and tricks to help you enjoy victory and master the game. Here are the tips to learn and understand:

  • The first step that you need to remember is that never use all the seed crops that you have. You very well know while you are playing this game that one seed of yours will double its amount. However if you get tempted by this and end up using the entire seed crop that is available to you, you will realise that later on you will come across various challenges. You will not be able to increase your farmland and therefore you will never ever use all your farm crops however hard it is to resist your temptation.
  • Some crops grow to grow slowly as compared to the others. Do not just sit and wait for the slow crops to grow but actually use the slow crops to grow only when you are working or during the nighttime, so that this entire time of growing the slow growing crops will be saved.
  • Utilise your roadside shop to the at most you can. Always try to keep a little bit in it so that your shop is never empty and ignored. There should always be something that is always been sold because this is the most crucial in order to increase your farm land and to get more money to purchase more seed crops.
  • You very well know that the newspaper gives us the idea of all the deals that are there and this is going to help you get new deals. Easily just reload the game again so that you have your newspaper refreshed.
  • Another quick tip for you is that if you end up unlocking the] achievements that you have accomplished, then that can bring your free diamonds which are necessary to have.
  • Keep a very good balance of your animals and crops because they are the ones that will help you maximise your entire profit and only with the help of them your entire farm land will increase.
  • As you move ahead in the game you will have a series of interesting things from different level to level unlocking eventually be it the Bakery or the Feed Mill, it all comes one after the other. Various production levels keep getting unlocked as you move ahead in the game from different levels. The known production levels are:
  • Bakery
  • Feed Mill
  • Dairy Building
  • Sugar Mill
  • Popcorn Pot
  • BBQ Grill
  • Pie Oven
  • Hay Day Loan
  • Cake Oven
  • Smelter
  • Juice Press
  • Ice Cream Maker
  • Jam Maker
  • Jeweler
  • Candy Machine
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Sauce Maker
  • Salad Bar

Thus, what have you been waiting for? With the amazing graphics and excellent concept of gaming awaiting you, you can access the game in your mobile phones and your computers as well. All you need to do for enjoying the act of farming in a game is quickly download the hay day game on computer and start playing in similar manner as you do on your phone but with increased graphics and better resolution that adds to the fun of playing.